From mergers to mystery

To listen to the song mentioned in this post, “Medianoche” by Priya Parrotta, please visit here.  A few tourists have returned to Condado, and with them, a reminder of the selling of paradise. I returned from the ocean this morning to find a man talking on the phone outside the newly-opened Starbucks. In the loudContinue reading “From mergers to mystery”

About a blog

Between music and the planet lies… a justice-focused blog? Yes– and allow me to explain why… Anima and  Esmeraldas both fall under the banner of the Climate Soul Project. The Climate Soul Project– Climate Soul for short– is the branch of Music & the Earth which creates original music. As of two days ago, this music willContinue reading “About a blog”

An afternoon for coastlines

“Coastlines” is a word that encompasses more of the world than many people realize. About 2.4 billion people (around 40% of the world’s population) live within 100 km (60 miles) of a coast. And more than 600 million people (about 10% of the global population) live in coastal areas—places that are less than 10 metersContinue reading “An afternoon for coastlines”

Dumbledore’s Army

Growing up, my favorite Harry Potter book was, without question, the third: The Prisoner of Azkaban. It introduced some of the coziest and most sophisticated elements of the series: the quaint and magical village of Hogsmeade (with its owl-filled post office and its iconic and signature drink, Butterbeer); the Marauder’s Map, the ingenious creation ofContinue reading “Dumbledore’s Army”