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Between music and the planet lies… a justice-focused blog?

Yes– and allow me to explain why…

Anima and  Esmeraldas both fall under the banner of the Climate Soul Project. The Climate Soul Project– Climate Soul for short– is the branch of Music & the Earth which creates original music. As of two days ago, this music will be accompanied by a series of posts on this blog– liner notes, if you like– that highlight the critical/justice elements of the Climate Soul songs.

Music tends to float above discussion; and beautiful music in particular tends to weave its way through the hearts of a wide diversity of people. Often, though not always, these people rest at different ends of cultural and political spectrums. Some may be environmentalists, some may be pro-justice, but others may not. As an aesthetic form, music might touch all of these people. It might drift away from politics, and detach itself from justice concerns.

But that is not what Climate Soul is about. On the contrary, the intention behind Climate Soul is to create music that can serve as a window into deep, true, uncompromising fights for both social and environmental justice. Bridging the gap between the inherent universality of music, and the urgent need to address specific concerns in the world, is challenging. And that is where this blog comes in.

Here, I will share liner notes that elaborate upon the various choices that make up each Climate Soul song. I will describe the consciousness-motivated reasons behind incorporating certain instruments, rhythms, subjects, and perspectives in this music. These songs were written with both politics and aesthetics in mind; and here, I seek to express the bridges which link the two.

The name Climate Soul itself arises from multiple meanings which dance along the boundary of aesthetic and political. Put briefly however, the music of Climate Soul seeks to “model” soulful relationships between people and nature, and in the process also shed light on some of the injustices that we inflict upon each other. It is intended to, in some way, express possible horizons which, whether by spiritual inquiry or social dialogue or political change, can offer a way out— out of the broken-ness which all too often defines our relationships with each other, and crucially, our relationships with the non-human world.

These hopes are the inspirations and impetus behind Climate Soul. In this blog, I take the responsibility of showing you how they are connected to the music that is emerging through this project.


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